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Last Updated 02 February 2014

Welcome to the  Adur Theatre Company’s Website.  We are a successful amateur community theatre group who play out of The Shoreham Centre in Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.  In January it's Panto time. In June we present a play as part of the Adur Festival and in September we perform a smaller show of one acts.  On this site you will be able to find out about us, look at past productions and book tickets for our shows.

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ATC Social hosted by Lancing Rep 11th February 7:30pm at the Lancing rep HQ, Wembly Ave.

At the specially convened meeting of Adur Theatre Company on January 30th 2014 the future of the company was discussed. Mandy Reeves (Solomon) had been asked by the membership at the EGM in June 2013 to investigate possibilities for ATC to continue as, at that time, most members felt they could not take on committee roles.  With no committee there would be no option but to close the company permanently.  She reported back to the members on January 30th 2014 on the research she had carried out.  Not having been able to find a way for the company to continue in its present format she put forward a suggestion that would enable members to keep acting together as a group. Lancing Repertory Players are looking to recruit new acting members and would be delighted to welcome anyone from ATC to join their company.

To this end they have invited ATC members, supporters and friends to a social gathering at their headquarters in Lancing on Tuesday, February 11th at 7.30pm. This will take the form of an informal get-together with refreshments to give our members the opportunity, without any obligation, to talk to Lancing Rep members and to find out a little more about their company and the productions they are planning for 2014 with a view to taking part.

If you would like to go please contact Mandy direct or email  info@adurtheatre.co.uk Please feel free to bring along any family or friends who might be interested. As mentioned earlier, you will not be committing yourself to anything, merely attending on a fact-finding mission to see if joining Lancing Rep might be an option for you.

They hope to have scripts available for their next production – a play called Volunteers set in a charity shop – to see if anyone would be interested in auditioning.

I am only too aware of the disappointment felt by all, including myself, that I could not find a way to keep Adur Theatre Company going in its own right, but this at least offers an opportunity for ‘our family’ to stay together albeit as members of another company.  Lancing Rep has a full, active committee but is lacking in acting members and I can’t tell you how excited they are to think some, or all, of our membership might be interested in joining them.

Website for Lancing rep: www.lancingrep.co.uk

The Lancing Repertory Players Headquarters is in Wembley Gardens, Lancing which is to the rear of the houses on the east side of Wembley Avenue. It can be accessed by car - best route is from the north end of Wembley Avenue, where Wembley Gardens is signposted. Alternatively it can be accessed by foot from either end and by alleyway at approximately mid way along Wembley Avenue.

To find out more about Lancing Rep please visit: www.lancingrep.co.uk/

For more information please contact Mandy Reeves (Solomon) direct or email info@adurtheatre.co.uk

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